Saturday, 7 November 2009

No more the clown

I was listening to pint-sized Gerard Hugh Sayer last week. In the 1970s, he scored a number of hits on both sides of the Atlantic and of course, here too. Of his two albums that I have, The Show Must Go On and Endless Flight, I preferred the latter. I think you'll recognise his chart-busting hits from these two albums:

Side 1: Hold On To My Love, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, Reflections, When I Need You, No Business Like Love Business
Side 2: I Hear The Laughter, Magdalena, How Much Love, I Think We Fell In Love Too Fast, Endless Flight

Side 1: The Show Must Go On, Bells Of St Mary's, Only Dreaming, Silverbird, On The Old Dirt Road, Moonlighting
Side 2: Giving It All Away, Bedsitterland, Another Year, Oh Wot A Life, One Man Band, Why Is Everybody Going Home?

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