Saturday, 26 December 2009

Australian travellogue: Overnighting in Pemberton

3 Nov 2009. Pemberton is a nice, quaint little town with a number of interesting attractions but unfortunately, we didn't have much tome to explore them. If you remember, we arrived at the town quite late after taking a detour to the Windy Harbour. That had delayed our arrival in Pemberton by at least 90 minutes, which meant that even the office of the Lavender & Berry Farm, where we would be spending the night, was already closed.

We were a little concerned about this but our worries were soon dismissed when we saw that the Farm's office had left a little personal note by their main door...together with the keys to our chalet. So gratefully, we retrieved the key and headed to the chalet to drop off our luggage before heading back to the town centre in search of dinner.

When we drove into Pemberton earlier, we noticed that one of the few eateries opened was the pub at the Pemberton Hotel. There was a Chinese restaurant right next door but despite the owner offering us a 10 percent discount, we opted for pub food instead. Maybe we should have gone Chinese instead because the wait for the food at the pub was tremendously long. By the time we left the pub, it was pitch dark.

The chalet's interior was quite cosy with a living area, a kitchen and two bedrooms, one of which contained a double-decker bed. A travelling family of four members will fit in quite comfortably here. To boot, there was a complimentary breakfast basket of cereal, bread and fresh farm eggs. But first...we had to get the fire going which was actually quite easy.

One habit which I've found very difficult to break during my travel in Western Australia was waking up at 5 o'clock in the morning. Maybe, this was also because by that time, it was already daybreak. I left the chalet to wander down to the pond and watched ducks paddling in the cold morning air. Across the pond was the Farm's office, still closed at that unearthly time in the morning.

Of course, it was already opened by the time we had breakfast and checked out from the chalet but we promised to be back later for lunch. I had heard too much of their famed pancake with ice-cream and hot berry sauce and I wouldn't want to miss it.

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