Thursday, 17 December 2009

Australian travellogue: our lodgings in WA

Maybe it's about time that I mention something about the hotels we stayed in during our travel through Western Australia's south-western region.

Except for two towns in the itinerary, our travel agency in Penang had booked us into the Comfort Inn chain which we found to be, well, very comfortable as the name implied. All the basic facilities we ever wanted were there, so there was nothing significant for us to find fault with. Moreover, we could park the car right at the doorstep of the rooms, which was an absolute convenience with all the luggages and small bags in our possession.

Our first and final nights in Perth were spent at the Comfort Inn Bel Eyre right along the Great Eastern Highway. The hotel even had a Pay TV channel showing adult films but we didn't bother with it. Anyway, this is the hotel:

The interior is nothing to shout about but it was clean, which was the most important.

When we drove down to Albany, the Comfort Inn there was right along the Albany Highway, so there wasn't many chances of us missing the building:

The whale is the emblem of Albany which was a whaling station in the past

Neither could we miss the Comfort Inn Tree Top Walk in Nockolds Street, Walpole. It was another easily visible landmark, most probably because the town itself was so small:

Nobody seemed to be using this pool when we last saw it

At Pemberton, we were booked into the Lavender and Berry Farm along Browns Road, with its separate chalets lined up beside a picturesque lake. Each self-contained chalet had their own fireplace too, and it allowed us to cozy up warmly on a cold night:

A welcomed warmth from the crackling fire

And finally, we were booked into the Abbey Beach Resort along the Bussell Highway in Busselton for two nights. This was a fantastic place, especially since our room was upgraded (but I suspect they say it all the time to make the guests feel important) and it turned out to be by far the grandest hotel we stayed in during our vacation:

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