Wednesday, 16 December 2009

BBC Sports Personality 2009

"I'm hungrier for the game than I've ever been. I was sat there taking everything in during the ceremony and still thinking about the game (against Aston Villa) the night before. It still hurts that we got beaten. If defeats are still hurting you then it shows you have still got that desire to carry on, and that's certainly the case at the moment. I'm probably playing the best I have ever played at the moment and enjoying it more than ever before. As long as I'm enjoying it and getting picked and the desire is still there I'll carry on. I would not contemplate having a swansong at a different club. It's nice to be wanted and they know I don't want to go anywhere else, I want to end my career at United."

-- Ryan Giggs --

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Sen's Station said...

Hail Sir Ryan Giggs !!!