Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Bringing some closure to my life

For approximately 2000 days in the past eight years and seven months, I have been travelling on weekdays across the Penang Bridge from my home -- first in Seberang Jaya and then in Bukit Mertajam -- to my work place at Bayan Baru and Bukit Jambul, and vice versa.

The round trip is a daily grind of almost 70 kilometres on the road as I endure the traffic jams, the heat and the rain, the dirt and the grime, the bad and reckless drivers, survive the new breed of uncool radio announcers with their yucky accents and mindless drivel during the morning and afternoon drives, and everything sucking up about two hours of my time. Well, this daily travel is almost coming to an end.


stephen said...

Change of job or retiring?

longkin said...

Yes, Retiring or changing job? Let me guess.... maybe you are moving to stay on the island...No, no, not probable....Oh! I give up guessing.

stephen said...

Let me guess.You got sick and tired of the incessant drivel from the radio and the traffic that you drove your car off the bridge and you are going to get a boat and paddle across instead?

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

I also got sick from the loss of signal on my mobile phone every time I reach the mid-span of the Penang Bridge. I know it is a drastic action to take but any action should be better than losing my mobile phone connectivity.

stephen said...

You like playing chess don't you?!!
Still keeping that killer check mate move secret huh?
My guess is that the vacation in OZland is a retirement gift to yourself and better half right?
Is that a check and mate?