Saturday, 5 December 2009

BM Hill: an invitation to my old friends

I received a call from a pal in Singapore this morning. "Just called to say hello," he said. "Well, hello to you too," I told Nai Kwang.

I've known Nai Kwang since school days. That's almost 40 years of friendship although I must admit that until about six or seven years ago, we had lost touch with one another. I had also lost touch with many of my other old school mates who had gone to Singapore and never returned to Penang. They always talk to me about coming back to Penang for a visit but......

You know what I mean. There's never enough time to come back to visit their old haunts. So I asked Nai Kwang: "Are you all still keen to climb the hill at Bukit Mertajam or not? And there's also old Tiger Hill on the island waiting for you."

He sounded interested, so I egged him on: "How are the hills in Singapore that you go trekking around regularly? No more challenges, right? So come on to Penang. We'll have a nice, new and tiring experience climbing them here."

I hope my "selling" technique works. While he's trying to rustle up some of the old gang, I'm posting up some recent pictures from the Bukit Mertajam hill, enough to make him salivate.....

All these photos were taken along the ever-popular hill track that starts beside the stream. For photos of an alternative track up the hill, click here.

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