Saturday, 23 January 2010

Saturday time off

Okay, let's see what's on my plate today....
  1. Leave the house at 11 o'clock this morning with the wife to go to the island on one of our private jaunts together. Nobody to disturb us, nothing to think about.
  2. Have lunch at the Inniras banana leaf restaurant in Brown Garden, Glugor
  3. Pay a momentary visit to a very distant relative in Lim Lean Teng Road to collect one of her wonderful, yummy, home-made chutneys
  4. Go to the Kwong Tuck Sundries & Liquors shop in Campbell Street to buy some dried foodstuff for Chinese New Year
  5. Visit the Kwan Im Temple in Pitt Street
  6. See Avatar 3D at the Gurney Plaza
Mmm, that's it. That's my schedule for today

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