Sunday, 21 March 2010

Australian travellogue: Fremantle Markets

6 Nov 2009. I've a little admission. In my haste to go visit the Fremantle Markets, I had almost failed to recognise the fabled Cappucino strip when I walked through it.

You see, we had parked the car at Packenham Street which was quite a distance away from the Markets and we walked through Bannister Street before going on South Terrace. I could see the Fremantle Markets in the distance and I kept telling Saw See to hurry up because that would be our next destination.

But I do remember coming across quite a number of restaurants and eateries along the road, such as Dome, Mexican Kitchen and the Mad Monk Brew. Their tables and chairs lined the whole road. So what could all these mean?

Unfortunately, nothing at that time. Nothing registered at all. Nothing. Nothing at all. I was only focussed on getting to the Markets. Nevertheless, I was still using the camera as a reflex action to take photos of my surroundings. Much later, I discovered that these photos were indeed of the Cappucino strip without realising it at the time! Talk about luck...

Pretty soon, we arrived at the Fremantle Markets. Like most of the buildings we had seen in this part of town, this was an old heritage building that was built in 1897, making it 112 years old.

My first reaction: was that the interior just like the E-Shed's. Perhaps busier, perhaps more variety, but basically much the same stuff to lure tourists to part with their Aussie dollars. But we didn't mind. The hustle and bustle of the place excited us. It suited us fine.

Unfortunately, we couldn't stay there for long and we had to retrace our steps back to the car. There was one final big destination for us in Freo and we had to arrive there before the day got dark.

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