Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Australian travellogue: Sunset dinner date

6 Nov 2009. Of course, this being our final night in Western Australia, we needed to have a really good meal to remember the vacation. It must be something rather special to surpass all that we have tried the previous few nights.

On our arrival in Perth seven nights earlier, we had the most delicious pork ribs at the Comfort Inn; then it was an incredible plate of fettucini in an Italian restaurant in Albany on the second evening, black pepper steak at the Comfort Inn in Walpole on the third evening, trout in Pemberton on the fourth evening, and a Chinese dinner in Busselton on the sixth evening. Don't ask about the fifth evening: we choose to have a hurried meal in a take-away.

Therefore, what could surpass all the fine food that we have had so far? On the seventh evening in Fremantle, we headed to the Kaili's seafood restaurant at the harbour. Have heard a great deal about this place and they had all been good. Intrigued, I decided to taste for myself and see whether all the reviews were well-founded.

When we arrived there at about six-plus, there were already quite a number of people there. Originally, we wanted to sit outside but the air was starting to get a bit nippy. So, we decided to move inside for a much cosier environment. Here's a photo of the restaurant. See how that kid was straining his neck to see what the people on the other table was ordering? Quite cute...

Saw See ordered a plate of scallops and she was thrilled by the plate that came out from the kitchen.

As for me, I went for nothing less than a lobster. One whole lobster for about AUD50, or about RM150, which, I'm sure, is still cheaper than the prices in Malaysia.

So we tucked into the food and have to admit that it was a most satiating evening. I think everybody on their travels through Perth and Fremantle must make it a point not to miss the absolutely fresh seafood. Kaili's is not the only seafood restaurant in town. Anyone adventurous enough is bound to come across other great seafood joints all over the city, except that for Kaili's (and some others), a view overlooking the harbour and the setting sun was an added bonus.

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