Saturday, 6 March 2010

Cooling down, chilling out

I told me wife that I'm suffering more from the hot weather than her. For five days a week, she is comfortably ensconced in her office, enjoying the cool air-conditioning, whereas I only have the fans blowing warm air at me. Not one fan but two!

A respite from the heat came yesterday when I went out to the island and came back with coconut jelly. I'm sure you've heard of coconut jelly. They are not so unknown to people in Penang.

The most well-known shop selling coconut jelly is here, along Dato Kramat Road, where you are transported into another world altogether: a world of coconuts.

The place is called Joez Coconut and you can actually while away your time in the shop with a whole coconut. It's where workers expertly slice open coconuts to reveal the white inviting flesh and fresh coconut water that's guaranteed to wash away the heat.

But the secret of the shop is more than the coconut water, It lies with the coconut jelly. Coconut water is mixed and set into jelly and this imparts a whole new experience to your taste buds.  One gulp of the jelly will have you yearning for more.

So, do go and discover the shop for yourself. As Dato Kramat Road is a traffic nightmare, the best place to park the car would be along Kajang Road.

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