Friday, 5 March 2010

Danger of collapse

Went up the BM Hill at Ceruk Tokun this morning at 7.20am. Inner car park at the foothill was all occupied. Had to drive out and park closer to the entrance. Nothing extraordinary about today's climb. I went up the dirt track, exited at the steps and came down via the tar road. Of course, temperature was noticeably cooler at the hill but I still don't remember the air being this warm so early in the morning.

Before I collected the car, I noticed that this part of the pavement near the outer car park was in real danger of total collapse. Strange that although there is upgrade work presently being carried out in this forest park, the authorities have not seen this as potentially dangerous. Something must be done fast to reinforce the ground before everything collapses. Don't need to have an accident here later on....

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Anonymous said...

notified the authorities!