Thursday, 20 May 2010

Fried, cooked, seared, whatever...

Finally, I'm back online. Both the ADSL modem and router went kaput during Wednesday morning's thunderstorm. Actually, either one or both of them were on their last legs already. Every few days, I had to switch the modem and router off and on to regain my connection. The severe lightning on Wednesday was the last straw.

I actually telephoned TM Net to report the problem to them - my package would enable me to have a free replacement modem - but I couldn't wait forever for their service technician to get back to me. So I had to buy a new modem. Fixed it up at home and found that though I could connect the desktop computer by cable to the Internet, there was just no response when I hooked up the old router to it.

No other choice, then, but to replace the router as well. Luckily, I did have an additional router at home. Went through the whole process of installing it and heaved a big sigh of relief when my desktop detected the signal. Heaved a second sigh of relief when my MacBook then detected the wireless signal. Everything's back to normal, but I've got to think seriously about getting a good surge protector to protect my equipment from now on.

I believe that I'm still eligible for a replacement modem from TM Net. Got to follow up with them...

The old (left) and the new (right)

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