Monday, 17 May 2010

No responsibilities

I must say that it's getting very pleasant to attend the Kongsi meetings lately. Ever since I ceased becoming the president last year, I've had a great weight removed from my shoulders. No more having to face the responsibilities of the position any more and that's a great feeling to have! No more having to deal with unreasonable people inside and outside the Kongsi and that's an even better feeling. So all I did at yesterday's meeting was to sit back and give a few opinions here and there, and left it to the present president to make all the sensitive decisions. What a life!

Oh yes, this is a recent picture taken at the Kongsi house. Snapped late last month when we celebrated the official birthday of the resident deity, Tai Tay Eah. Wahh...10 people in the picture. Here, let me name them for you so that you can recognise who is who in the picture. Ready? From left to right: Quah, Quah, Quah, Quah, Quah, Quah, Quah, Quah, Quah and Quah. Yessiree, that's right. We are a small, exclusive clansman family (for better or for worse). It was the first time in many, many years that we had so many people coming to the Kongsi for this occasion. In a way, it was good to see all those different but familiar faces.

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