Thursday, 13 May 2010

QUAH, by Jorma Kaukonen

Let me introduce you to this album that's called QUAH. Yes, you read it right: QUAH. Cool, don't you think so? An album after my own surname. An album of deft finger-picking blues and folk-tinged music that was released originally in 1974.

QUAH was Jorma Kaukonen's debut solo album after having performed for close to a decade as a founding member of Jefferson Airplane. There are 11 cuts on this album of which two tracks featured vocals by Tom Hobson.

People who first listen to this album never fail to be impressed with the very first song, Genesis. It's Kaukonen at his very best. I assure you, do listen to it and you'll be blown away too by his acoustic finger-picking. One of the best guitarists I've heard.

Side One: Genesis, I'll Be All Right, Song For The North Star, I'll Let You Know Before I Leave, Flying Clouds, Another Man Done Gone
Side Two: I Am The Light Of This World, Police Dog Blues, Blue Prelude, Sweet Hawaiian Sunshine, Hamar Promenade

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