Saturday, 29 May 2010

Is George Town Heritage Day still on?

I remember that way back in July last year and again in January this year, I was writing about the Penang government wanting to turn 7 July into a public holiday every year in commemoration of George Town's Heritage Day.

I wonder what has happened to it. The intention is good but there's been hardly anything mentioned in the newspapers since then. Is the Heritage Day public holiday still on? Or is it already off? The Penang government must clarify their position and time is fast running out on them. If 7 July is indeed a new public holiday in the state, I'd like to know whether it has been gazetted yet. And if it is gazetted, why aren't we told about it?

Although the holiday does not affect me one way or another, I'm saying all these because communication is important and I know that everyone would need to be told about it in advance.

In addition, is the government serious enough to instil the proper appreciation of our heritage? I feel that as we progress further in this modern world, we mustn't lose touch with the past and our heritage. The history we learn in school today is already so inadequate. Observance of the George Town Heritage Day on a large, state-wide level - not just limited to government departments and schools - will be a very good starting point to touch base with our rich local history again.

Therefore, the government should give everyone, including the important business community in Penang, an advance and proper notice so that plans can be made if they want to accommodate the additional holiday. If the holiday is sprung on them with little notice, I can safely say that very few people will be observing Heritage Day when the day comes around. Let not the government's effort go to waste.

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