Friday, 20 August 2010

Right, Paul is a proud...."Englishman"

I couldn't help laughing when I heard the news. It was about Paul the octopus. Remember this England-hatched cephalopod? He achieved world-wide fame by predicting all of Germany's 2010 World Cup results. Although Paul couldn't have cared less about all the fuss, he has now been slated in to help England's bid to stage the 2018 tournament.

"Paul has spent the last two years of his life in Germany, but he is definitely a proud Englishman and is therefore delighted to put his support behind England 2018," said a spokesman of the Weymouth Sea Life Centre where he will now be based. "With his predicting days behind him, Paul is now concentrating on a number of new projects and the England 2018 campaign is something we are sure he feels passionately about. Becoming an official ambassador for the bid is an honour for Paul."

It may be an honour for the octopus but I wonder whether the other notable characters in the England 2018 campaign team -- Prince William, Robbie Williams, Sting, Noel Gallagher, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button -- feel the same stirrings, seeing that that they are now chunked into the same aquarium as Paul.

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