Friday, 20 August 2010

Singapore reunion

Had a swell time in Singapore last weekend touching base with many of my old schoolmates and classmates who are now residing there.

Picture taken at the Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant at Turf City somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Don't blame me; I wouldn't know one end of Singapore from the other. Anyway, the food was fabulous. We started off with suckling pig and ended up with drunken prawns and crabs. In the picture: myself, Kok Chuan, Nai Kwang, Cynthia, Teik Kooi, Derek and Evelyn

From dinner, we proceeded to so-called supper. No heavy food - we couldn't eat any more - but there were plenty of drinks and snacks. In the picture: Teik Kooi, Nai Kwang, myself, Leong Teik, Kheng Hock, Derek, Evelyn, Anna and birthday boy Daryl.

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