Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sight-seeing in Sitiawan

I was in Sitiawan for an overnight trip earlier this week, courtesy of my friend, Long Kin. He took me around several places, including visiting a mangrove park, the Sitiawan Settlement Museum and of course, the Lumut waterfront, where we peered across the river's mouth to Pangkor island in the distance. These are the three absolute "must visit" places in the Dinding river estuary.

Inevitably we stopped at this shop, one of several in the town, that sold Sitiawan's signature Hockchiew bisquits. Basically, it is tough dough filled with a mix of pork, onions and spices and then baked in a tandoori-like stove. All I can say about these bisquits is that I need jaws of iron to eat them. My teeth almost dropped off. Just imagine a cow chewing the cud and you will get the picture. Unless they are enjoyed fresh while piping hot and crispy, the cold bisquits are best given to your enemies as presents! Eh, just kidding, of course, because you should try to experience everything once in your lifetime. Even this.

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