Monday, 25 October 2010

Digesting Wodehouse

One of my regrets is that I got to discover the delightful P.G. Wodehouse only in the mid-1980s. Why this is so, I don't know, because I was already an avid reader of books since my schooldays. Surely, I would have known about this wonderful writer earlier, right?

Anyway, while I was still working at Ban Hin Lee Bank in Beach Street, George Town and the British Council was still located at Green Hall and more importantly, it still had its well-stocked library, I finally got my hands onto one of Wodehouse's novels. It was out of curiosity that I removed it from the shelf but the moment I did so, I knew that I was hooked.

Welcome to the world of Bertie Wooster, Jeeves, Lord Emsworth and Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge among other equally colourful characters. Welcome to the Drones Club, Blandings Castle and the numerous golf courses that dot his books. Welcome to expressions like "pip pip", "tut tut", "shift-ho" and "pig-hoo-o-o-o-ey". That's P.G. for you.

Just this morning, I put down my copy of Weekend Wodehouse for the last time. Took me about a month to finish this selection of Wodehouse's works. Not to say that I am a slow reader but I really wanted to savour every word and expression from P.G.'s pen.

Now that I've finished it, I'm onto The Golf Omnibus which is a collection of 31 short golf stories. And I dare say, after I'm done with the second book, I'll be proceeding to Five Complete Novels. All these compendia were bought more than 10 years ago. I never had the time then to read them. NOW is the time to catch up on my reading. So excuse me, please.....

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