Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Have you this nifty app called GPSed?

I've got to make it clear that today's blog is not an advertisement. It is just that I am a bit excited about a nifty little application that can be installed on anyone's mobile phone.

This application, called GPSed, allows users like me to record GPS tracks from anywhere on Earth with their mobiles and trace them on Google Maps. All that is needed to start tracking is a mobile device with an internal or external GPS receiver.

It is also possible to take pictures while travelling and then link them later to the GPS tracks on the map from your Picasa or Flickr accounts. I haven't tried that yet but soon, soon, I will.

But as a tracking device, I think this GPSed application has very big potential. Companies and businesses, for example, can use it to track their vehicles. But to my mind, the most important use will be the ability to track movements of children and the elderly, especially those suffering from ailments like Alzheimer's.

But in the meantime, if you want to have GPSed installed on your mobile phone, here's where to download it from.

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stephen said...

I'm using motionX gps app for my Iphone.Does the same stuff but costs a bit more.i use it to track my cycling.haven't tried all the features as yet.