Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Art within art

Armenian Street. For a long while, this old road is associated with the historic enclave of George Town. Tourists go there basically to visit the Poh Hock Seah, the Yap Temple and the Cheah Kongsi. But not necessarily so nowadays.

Today, it has sort of become fashionable. Restaurants and art galleries are opening up along this road which makes it a destination for those people with interest in the art scene. Take 86 Armenian Street, for example. Upstairs is the Studio@Straits, a nice gallery for exhibitions. I've been there twice already. But sometimes, you have to look farther than the art pieces on display. The interior of the gallery is art by itself. During my last visit there, I took the opportunity to create my own art impressions with my cheap camera. Have I succeeded?

I'm going to show you a small corner of the gallery. There's an oil painting lodged between two windows at the studio. The painting by itself is superb but I am looking at the greater picture. Just as the artist had created art with his oils, I'm trying to show a bit of creativity myself. A juxtapositioning of colours. So without much ado, here are my interpretation of the gallery itself.

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