Monday, 14 February 2011


I've never been taken in much by all the hoo-haa over the various Chinese New Year animal signs. So what if this is the Year of the Rabbit. Okay, the rabbit is an adorable creature but that was all the furry creature meant to me. But after having gone to this year's Chinese New Year cultural and heritage celebration in George Town on 12 Feb 2011, I can well understand why people are going gaga over the rabbit.

There, at the square where the Acheen Street flea market usually operates in the evenings, the organisers of the CNY celebration had included an exhibition of rabbits. (As a side note, why wasn't there an exhibition of tigers last years?) So there I was, among the curious folks who thronged the square to take a closer look at all the caged rabbits. I've got to admit that I've never known so many different specimens existed.  Some were obvious cross-breeds and that's what made them even more interesting.

And Mogwai (below) fascinated me the most.

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