Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Bersih 2.0: Exposing the "Home Alone" kid

This is the Home Alone tin kosong (empty vessel). 

In case you still don't know who he is, Ibrahim Ali is one of Malaysia's members of parliament. He jumps about from party to party but finally decided to style himself as an "independent". But we know how "independent" he is. He placed himself as the head of a racist non-government organisation that called itself Perkasa. He spews a lot of racist rants under the pretext of championing his race. He doesn't care whether he is upseting the rest of society with his foul mouth. Under any normal circumstances, he would have already been hauled up for sedition. But our government, in its infinite wisdom, allows this guy to get away with verbal murder. It's all verbal garbage and verbal diarrhea, if you ask me. Unfortunately for him, he has been exposed as a yellow-livered coward.

For all his racist bravados and provocations, this tub of fat (as one of my Muslim friends recently described him) was forced to stay at home on 9 July 2011 because his wife did not allow him to go outside and play. But while this Home Alone Kid hid inside his house, he ordered his 15,000-claimed members to go take a walk at the Titiwangsa lake. I heard that all of 20 of them who bothered to show up went for a teh tarik drinking session at a mamak stall. Maybe the rest participated by SMS. How very pathetic. He's finished!

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