Saturday, 24 September 2011

Not disappointed!!

The satisfaction was in the sitting down in front of my computer with my wife on Thursday night to watch the first episode of the second season of the new Hawaii Five-0 series.

We watched the cliffhanger several months ago and had been waiting patiently for this new season to start. We weren't surprised with the general development of the story because after all, the foursome's reunion as a team was to be totally expected. But neither were we disappointed.

I'm far, far from being a TV addict but hey, if there's only one television series that I can watch regularly, this must be it. I know that Jimmy, one of my chess friends, has been telling me ever so often that the episodes from the last season were b-o-r-i-n-g but to me, watching the action on Hawaii Five-0 is just like watching the late, great Mikhail Tal playing chess! Totally exciting. Totally gripping.

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