Monday, 26 September 2011

Remember .... (part 2)

Well, I've just seen this news report on The Malaysian Insider website. Already, you have a joker from the ruling party who says that the Undilah video clip, which was yanked from the local broadcasters on orders from the MCMC on the filmsy excuse that it hasn't been passed by the film censorship board, contained some subliminal messages detrimental to them.

Subliminal message? Of course, there are subliminal messages everywhere. It's only whether a party feels boxed in enough to think that the message is only about them. It's all in the personal perception, that all.

But coming back to this story, I'm sure this is a strong hint of what's to come next. Come Monday or Tuesday, what are the bets that the censorship board will say that the video clip cannot be aired at all? I'd like to see them prove me wrong.

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