Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Driving comfort

I must say that this product makes a world of a difference when driving in the rain, and it has been raining every afternoon for the past month or so.

Just about a fortnight ago, my wife was complaining to me that it was very difficult for her to drive during a rainstorm because the windscreens would be unviewable even when the wipers were pushed to their limits.

This, I can attest because lately I've been having the same problem with the other car. Once, I was driving in Bukit Mertajam and was unprepared for the deluge. It was impossible to see more than 20 metres away and I was reduced to driving at a very slow speed.

So on her urging, I dug out the old bottle of Rain Act from the store room and applied it to both cars. Her response was immediate. I'm happy, and so is she.

But our best experience with Rain Act was in driving along the North-South Expressway at 100kph in the pouring rain AND without turning on the wiper. The windscreen was so crystal clear. The beads of water were just simply pushed away by the wind, leaving me with complete visibility of the road. All the way from Ipoh until the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur when traffic, as usual, slowed to a crawl. Here, without the force of the wind to help, I had to engage the wipers. But otherwise, the wipers could be spoilt for all I cared.

And other discovery: the use of sunglasses especially during rain storms. Definitely recommended. The polarising effect of sunglasses cut off all the glare and ensured good driving comfort all round. Great experience!

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