Tuesday, 1 November 2011

OFA coffee table book, part 2

Oh, what the heck. I've just called the OFA president to inform him that I'll come join his editorial team for the Old Frees' Association coffee table book project. And I've just learned from him that the OFA management committee has decided to drop the idea of appointing the media guy as the new editorial consultant or chief editor. Didn't ask, but I really believe it was because of the pre-conditions.

Instead, the committee has elevated both Molly Ooi and I as the new co-editors of this job. The onus is on us now to see the whole project through. Molly is the wife of Hwang Hong Shi, whom many Old Frees will remember as a former teacher and scout master. He resigned from teaching sometime in the late 1970s and took up a post with a private sports club. Anyway, I shouldn't be mentioning more of him here since this story is more about the appointment of both me and his wife, Molly.

I think we have a big task ahead of us. We've got to think about sectionalising the book, putting in the contents, researching the stories, getting people to write for us (now, that is going to be a tall project) and finally, putting everything together. Then I've got to clear with her on who's going to be responsible for what! We are not being helped by news that the management committee would like to see the whole project finished by mid-February. Personally, I think it is impossible to meet this proposed deadline. But the idea of doing it interests me greatly now.

And thank goodness we have an assurance from the OFA president that there will be funds for this project. It's not for the editors to worry about raising money. We'll just concentrate on the book and nothing more. But of course, they'll may need me to give them inputs on the publishing side. I did tell him that I do know a little about this aspect of publishing, not much but enough from my Ban Hin Lee Bank days.

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