Monday, 31 October 2011

OFA coffee table book

It was with some caution last week on 28 Oct 2011 that I accepted an invitation from the Old Frees' Association to attend an editorial board meeting. They have been trying to get their commemorative book project off the ground for some time already but have not been too successful. I can see why. the original person that was supposed to be the editorial consultant, while an Old Free, is based in Kuala Lumpur. How on earth is he going to move constantly up and down from Kuala Lumpur and Penang to get work done is a little beyond me.

Anyway, I found that his guy has given up and left the Old Frees' Association in a lurch. Could be that the material he had collected so has not been returned to the OFA and so, the association is practically back to Square One.

I don't know whether I can disclose this but at this exploratory meeting - it was an exploratory meeting for me as I haven't really decided whether or not I should join their editorial team - the members were bandying about appointing a new experienced media guy who is based in Penang as the chief editor and the OFA will have two co-editors assisting him. I'm supposed to be one of them, if I decide to join in. Anyhow, this chap also has his pre-conditions if he was appointed.

I still haven't given my commitment to help yet. Perhaps in one or two days' time. Got to wait and see....

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