Sunday, 18 December 2011

OFA coffee table book, part 6

My co-editor and I were at the school again last Friday. A second trip to the archive room and this time, we had with us the people from the company that's doing the graphic designing layout for the commemorative coffee table book of the Old Frees' Association.

We had wanted them to take some photos of the archive material and also of the school's exterior. When I arrived at the school at about 9.40a.m., nobody seemed to be around. When I bumped into them later, they said that the external shots had all been completed. Darn, they should have waited for me. I would have wanted to go tramping with them around the school. There are certain angles that I really wanted them to take.

Anyhow, we were in the archive rooms next. Molly and I went around to select the prints that we wanted. However, I was a bit apprehensive about the way that the company's photographer went around to photograph the pictures. How on earth did he think the copies would turn out under dim lights and reflection? There is no doubt that when we finally decide on the prints, they will have to make another trip to the school to re-photograph them.

Our last assignment that morning was to photograph the school hall but unfortunately, the tables and chairs that had been set up for the examinations were not cleared away yet. Frankly, it was a big mess inside the hall. And worse, we heard from the Senior Assistant that the furniture would not be cleared away so fast because they would be used soon for yet another examination for the new intake of Form One boys.

The next best opportunity to photograph an empty school hall would be prior to the opening of the new school term. But there was also an alternative for the graphic designer to come in during the first school assembly. Let's wait and see....

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