Saturday, 17 March 2012

Ghim Moh Valley

This is just one of several blocks of new high-rise HDB flats in the Ghim Moh suburbs of Singapore. During my recent trip there with my in-laws, we stayed at my brother-in-law's unit in one of them.

Elegantly styled as Ghim Moh Valley, it is very ideally located within a stone's throw of the Buona Vista MRT station along the East-West Line. Barely a 10 minutes walk to the station, hop on board the train and pretty soon I'd be in the midst of City Hall. Very convenient. He couldn't have found a better place to stay.

From the bedroom, one looks in the north-east direction towards the hills in the far distance. Here are two breath-taking views for comparison, one photographed in the morning and the other snapped in the evening.

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