Friday, 16 March 2012

OFA coffee table book, part 24

D-15 till launch. Yet another meeting of The Old Frees' Association coffee table book project editorial team finished and done with. Today, we were going through the latest copy of the draft and sad to say, we still picked up one or two minor areas for alteration. There seems to be no end to our final tweaks.

Hon from The Phoenix Press was pleading with us not to make any more changes as time was fast running out at his end. But there can't be any compromise as we need to iron out all the minor glitches. But, we assured him, this would be the final of all final amendments.

We were also viewing the plotter copy provided by him, as well as several colour pages, including the cover itself. To me, they looked nice but according to William, some of the pictures would require some final re-touching to brighten them.

Oh yes, one other thing: we also discussed the slip box for the book. They would be an elegant addition to the book once we present it to the VVIPs. Hon suggested a solution to this slip box - I would believe he wanted a quick way out - but the OFA president, Rajendren, would have none of that. Cost was no issue, he declared, and then he spelt out all our requirements for the box. Yessiree, I think this book will turn out fine.

There's only the press conference left to handle next Tuesday and that's it! Breathing easy until the book's launch on the 31st of March.


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