Thursday, 8 March 2012

OFA coffee table book, part 20

D-23 days. Hopefully after the rush yesterday, I can get a short respite from thinking - and doing anything much - about Fidelis, The Old Frees' Association coffee table book.

There was this short part of the book which was not proofread since the meeting last week and I was at the club house to collect both the envelope that Anwar Fazal had left me and this remaining material from my co-editor and her husband. Bumped into them - Molly and David, that is - at the cafeteria and so we sat to talk. The OFA president later sailed in to join us and that was when he told us more about the dinner on 31 March 2012.

The two VVIP tables are reserved for, well, the very very important guests, that includes the Raja of Perlis, the Penang Governor and the Penang Chief Minister and some others. The Raja of Perlis is the Royal Patron of the association, the Penang governor is the honorary patron while the Penang Chief Minister is the trustee of the PFS Trust Fund which was set up in 1920. Then there are the RM10,000 tables, the RM5,000 tables, the RM3,000 tables, RM2,000 tables and the RM1,000 tables. OFA members will be seated at the RM1,000 tables and their tickets will be at a 50 percent discount. I hear the seats are going like hot cakes even before any official announcement has been made. The editorial team will join the OFA management committee at the RM2,000 tables.The programme for the night will include the launch of this coffee table book and the PFS Bicentenary website. Anyway, that's about enough information about the dinner.

What I was also told was that a Press conference will be held in the second half of next week to brief the newspapers about the book launch. Boy, the PFS Bicentenary Committee are really getting enthusiastic and into the thick of action. When it will be, I don't know yet, but I'm looking forward to it (the press conference).

In the meantime, I have finished emailing the rest of the corrected first proofs to the layout designers. Could be that I should receive the second proofs by this evening. Will give them a quick read-through to ensure all the corrections have been incorporated. Also, will use the occasion to complete the Contents, Image Credits and Acknowledgement pages which have been left somewhat hanging.

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