Friday, 9 March 2012

OFA coffee table book, part 21

D-22 days. I shall be glad when everything is over. Yesterday evening at about 7.30pm, I finaly received the full set of the second proof of the OFA coffee table book from the layout team. Frankly, I was not impressed with the work done. To be more frank, I was disappointed. There was no real thinking behind the job. Little creativity. Just plain "I want to finish this job as soon as I can and go home" attitude.

So for the whole of last night, I had been going through this draft, checking against the copy that I had given the layout team. At least, I'm satisfied that about 90 percent of the errors in the text have been corrected. By midnight, I had already emailed my response back to the layout team. They'll have to work on the corrections this morning.

This afternoon, there is another meeting with the layout people. Hopefully, it will be the last one. We shall need to finalise everything by today. Especially the choice of the pictures to fill the empty spaces in the book. And the captions that will go with them. Big rush. The deadline looms....

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