Friday, 27 April 2012

OFA AGM 2012

Me going to Kuala Terengganu this weekend means that not only am I missing out on the Bersih3.0 sitdown event at the Speaker's Square in Penang on Saturday, but I also cannot attend the 85th annual general meeting of The Old Frees' Association and also the annual general meeting of the Swee Cheok Tong Quah Kongsi on Sunday. Two AGMs on the same day, morning and afternoon, which I shall miss!

Speaking of The Old Frees' Association, I must congratulate MS Rajendren for retaining his post of president unopposed. I heard that when the nominations closed for the new OFA Management Committee last Saturday, many of the other positions also attracted only one nomination and thus these positions have been deemed filled by the sole nominee. I don't know whether it is good or bad for the association. I suppose it cuts both ways.

The good is rather obvious. The incumbent president and his merry men get a second term to implement whatever unfinished programmes from their first term and I always say that if there are persons who are effective in a committee, they should be given an opportunity to carry on.

The bad is, of course, the tidak apa attitude of the members. Why, I always thought that the members of the OFA would be rather keen to go into the committee and make a positive contribution to the well-being of the association. I may be mistaken this time around. I greatly suspect that other members are not willing to challenge for the positions on the strength of the incumbents' contributions in the past term.

Anyway, I know that the OFA is too full of self-opinionated people who talk more than contribute. It is as if their main occupation in life is to criticise what others have done. This is the sole reason why I have cried off from becoming involved in an OFA committee again. Don't want to become embroiled in the politics again.

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