Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Raising enough suspicions in my mind

Delving deeper into the incidents of Bersih 3.0 now that I have returned to Penang, I am reading a lot of stories claiming that the Police had infiltrated into the unarmed participants of the Duduk Bantah sitdown rally at the Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur..

Several pictures have been posted on the Internet claiming suspicions of some people who seemed to be Bersih 3.0 participants one moment and undercover policemen the next. Their suspicions may be correct but on the other hand, they are difficult to prove. Like phantoms, these suspicious characters would have melted away by now.

Both sides - the Bersih organisers and the Police - have been accusing each other of brutality. But today, while people are still talking about the devious and underhanded tactics of the Police, they are also losing sight of what Bersih 2.0 or Bersih 3.0 were meant to be.

The Bersih rallies were not about toppling the federal government. They were about asking for free and fair elections in the country. Any sane person who is uncorrupted will want to see free and fair elections here in Malaysia. Don't you? Bersih has nothing to do with the opposition political parties at all. The ruling political parties were welcomed to join in the rallies at any time and they refused. So was it right to link the opposition parties to Bersih just because they piggy-backed on the latter? It's totally absurd and only a simpleton will want to believe it.

Bersih stands for CLEAN AND FAIR ELECTIONS in Malaysia. Who in their right minds will not want that, not unless they have something to hide? Have they? I do not wish to have phantom voters in my midst that can alter the voting patterns in my constituency. I also do not wish to have postal votes that are not credible. But I wish for foreign independent observers who can verify that our elections are fair and clean.

At the end of the day, Bersih is not about the Barisan Nasional or the Pakatan Rakyat winning the general elections, as long as they win cleanly and fairly. We only want our rights to pick the government we want, equally and fairly, and this is what Bersih is all about. It is not about toppling a government but to have a clean and fair election.

However, seeing how recalcitrant this Barisan Nasional government is, seeing how stubbornly they are refusing to recognise that people have already seen through them and come to the conclusion that the election process is terribly skewed in their favour, seeing how power has corrupted them irreparably, the only hope left for the common electorate like me is to throw the old furniture away and bring in the new. After all, a new ruling government can't do any more worse than the old corrupt regime.

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