Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Buah keluak curry again

We just felt that it was time for buah keluak chicken tumis curry again as the daughter was expected back and we still had several of the black nuts lying around in the kitchen. So after soaking them for several days - traditionally, my mom would soak them for at least a week, which my wife still does diligently, while others say that two to three days would be enough to rid the nuts of the poisonous arsenic - it was time for the cooking pot. As can be seen in the second picture below, the curry came out glorious and delicious. Yummy!

It's not necessary to do this but if you must, crack the buah keluak open, remove the kernel and mash it up with chopped prawns and a little salt, and restuff everything back into the keluak shells.

If the curry looked a little dark, it was because the colour was imparted by the keluak. To give the curry an extra tangy taste, just add enough tamarind water according to personal preference.

That's the last of the batch of buah keluak. Will have to hunt for them again. Problem is, they are not available in Penang. We had to ask a friend in Malacca to buy them.

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