Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hope porky lasts

My wife and I were roaming around at the Gurney Plaza yesterday afternoon. We were about to scoot off for dinner downtown when it started pouring.

That put paid to our intention to have some chicken chop at the CF hawker centre in Weld Quay.

Not that we minded it a lot because we had also been eyeing this outlet at the lower ground floor of the shopping mall.

Rather than getting ourselves wet, we decided to patronise the Mr Porky burger joint.

We had noticed this outlet here about a week or two ago. Time then was just not right. Couldn't be a better time now to tuck in.

Turned out that the burger was very nice and succulent. The burger and bacon had been grilled to almost perfection and we enjoyed the meat's natural juices. Don't have to slosh all sorts of chilli sauce or tomato sauce on it.

When we were there on a Saturday afternoon, there were only two other customers before us. While we ate, four others sat down at the tables.

Hardly very encouraging, in my opinion. The food may taste good but if the customers don't come, it is very difficult to see the business sustaining for long.

I hope they will, because although I will not be eating any burger for quite a while to come, I want them to be around when the urge for a burger strikes me again.

(Mr Porky Burger n Dog is located next to the Cold Storage supermarket, Eu Yan Sang and Guardian Pharmacy on the lower ground floor of Gurney Plaza. Obviously, the food is non-halal.)


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