Saturday, 19 October 2013

Richard Clayderman is coming

We just returned from the island. An afternoon of walking and shopping at the Gurney Plaza where, upon my wife's urging, we picked up two tickets for the Richard Clayderman concert.

This would be the first time that this internationally-known pianist is performing in Penang. Actually, I'm sure it will be pretty exciting to watch him in person, and my wife will be thrilled.

The salesperson at the Popular Book Store told us that it would not be possible to choose our seats. We would have to accept whatever seats that the computerised ticketing system booked for us.

The only choice we could have was to choose whether to sit on the left side or the right side of the convention centre at Straits Quay in Tanjong Tokong.

I wasn't too happy with the lack of choice but in the end, I opted to sit on the left side, five seats away from the aisle. Oh well....

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