Monday, 6 January 2014

Parking at Lohguanlye

I've a helpful hint for people parking at the Lohguanlye Specialist Centre in George Town, Penang. Just some surprising revelations, after speaking to one of the hospital's customer service staff, that could save everyone a few ringgit here and there.

First of all, parking at the hospital is available at either the car park at Logan Road opposite the old wing or the multi-level car park at the new wing. A ticket is issued automatically at the entrance into the car parks, and the parking fees are calculated based on the length of time a car is parked there. However, if the motorist leaves within 30 minutes of entry, then the parking is free.

Next, outpatients at the hospital can always get their parking tickets stamped at either the pharmacy or the respective floors where they see their doctors. The stamped ticket will ensure that a standard rate of RM2 is charged upon exit. And if outpatients then decide to leave the hospital and come back later to see the doctors, by producing the old and new stamped tickets together, only RM1 will be charged on the new ticket. So effectively, the parking fee will be RM3.

And finally, family members (and, shhh, friends) who visit inpatients at the hospital can get their tickets stamped at the respective nurse counters - if they can identify the patient and the room number - and only RM1 is payable upon leaving.

Helpful hints that are generally not known to people but which came to my knowledge only because we asked the customer relations staff this morning. But if you can save one or two ringgit, why not?

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