Monday, 3 November 2014

Jeremy's convocation

It's a ritual, an experience, that many parents go through, and my wife and I are not any different. When it comes to our children, we always agonise through their growing up years. If it is not about health and safety, it is about education. We always want the best education for our children, according to the best of our ability, so that in the future they have a strong foundation to fall back on. No matter what, parents will always want their children to have better lives for themselves than what we have now.

We endured the anxiety of seeing our daughter, Michelle, through college and then through university. Then, when she had graduated in 2009, it became the turn of our son, Jeremy, to go through the same process as his sister.

However, it was a greater challenge with Jeremy than it was with Michelle. Constantly, we had to offer him lots of encouragement to see him through both college and university. To his credit, it was smoother sailing through university and we were present, together with his grandparents, to see him graduate yesterday at the convocation ceremony.

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