Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My exercise regime

Prior to my sickness in January this year, my weight was hovering around 74 kilogrammes but after my hospitalisation, I saw my weight plummet to 68 kilogrammes and it even reached a low of 66 kilogrammes in February. I can't say that I was unhappy about this loss in my weight but I was hoping that perhaps I could maintain this weight from then onwards.

But I've been noticing over the past months that my weight has been creeping up gradually and I was averaging around 70 kilogrammes. Darn....

Luckily also, as a consequence of my illness, I've been taking up a bit more of exercising. Previously, I had been doing a bit of hill trekking up the Bukit Mertajam hill in Cherok Tokun, which I consider as my backyard. But a spate of weak knees saw me giving up this exercise. My wife recommended that I walk around the neighbourhood instead as it would be on level ground and not as challenging on my knees. But to be truthful, I don't like it as I prefer the coolness of the hill. My knees feel much better now, after going on a prolonged course of glucosamine and chondroitin over several months and lately, I've decided on going back to the hill a few times.

However, my main exercise nowadays is a spot in the gymnasium at the Safira Club in Seberang Jaya. We have been members there since the club was formed in the 1980s or so, but we haven't really been making use of its facilities.

Since the beginning of this year, however, I had decided that perhaps I should start using the gymnasium more often.

For a very long time, I had been going there only once a week to use the treadmill. At least, on the treadmill, I know that I can control my pace. Unlike free-style walking around the neighbourhood or trekking the hills where I can stop or slow down whenever I like, the treadmill exercise will force me to continue walking non-stop at a steady pace for as long as I want.

What used to be a once-a-week exercise affair has recently turned into a twice-a-week regime. But I had been inspired by one of my friends, Durian Seng, who religiously goes to the gymnasium at Farlim on the Penang island everyday. He and his wife exercise there not only every day but twice a day - in the morning and then in the afternoon! That's dedication to health!

So I've been inspired by him and since last week, I thought, why not try going to my own gymnasium at Safira Club thrice a week? I tried it last week and it wasn't bad. I could stand the pace of walking on the treadmill for one hour at a time. And already this week, I've gone to the gymnasium twice already.

Yesterday, I happened to be on the island in the morning and I headed to The Old Frees' Association in Northam Road. There's a small annexe building there that used to house the association's photography section but several years ago, the management committee decided to clear away the disused equipment. There's now a gymnasium there.

So there I was yesterday morning to use the OFA gymnasium. Spent 75 minutes on the treadmill there and completed about eight kilometres.

This morning, it was back at the Safira Club. Getting rather addicted, I tried to see whether I could top yesterday's effort. And I did. Was on the treadmill for 92 minutes and I covered 10 kilometres. My best effort so far on the treadmill. Feeling much pleased with myself. And I hope that I can keep up with this exercise regime. Wish me luck as I continue.

P.S. At least right now, my weight is fluctuating between 68 kilogrammes and 70 kilogrammes, depending on the time of day. Still okay by my reckoning....

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