Thursday, 29 January 2015

Andy Murray's gonna freeball

Generally, I don't read the newspapers anymore but yesterday, while waiting for my wife at her former office, the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, I had nothing to do except to pick up the copy of The Star which was lying around the lobby.

Turning from one page to another, my eyes rested on a small story about tennis professional Andy Murray's forthcoming marriage later in the year. Actually, I don't know what caught my eye first: was it the grey background colour of the story or was it the heading?

Here's what it reads:

"When Andy Murray marries his long-time girlfriend Kim Sears later this year he is likely to wear a kilt." Okay, fair enough, Murray is a Scot where the kilt is Scotland's national attire.

"Kilts are generally worn with nothing underneath and the proud Scot will follow protocol." That, by the way, has always been a curious matter. Do they, or don't they?

"I think I'm going to have both options and see what I feel like in the morning," he said when coaxed into talking about whether he will wear a suit or kilt by an on-court interviewer. Personally, I would want him to wear a kilt. That's their heritage, it should be followed!

"When the interviewer probed further, he said: "Obviously proper kilt, yeah, freeballing," before quickly saying: "I've got a match to play in a couple of days, can I go now."

Freeballing. Oh yeah, Any Murray will be freeballing at his wedding. And what's freeballing? It's going about without wearing underwear. Letting all hang loose, balls and penis. And I tell you, it's the freest form of motion expression open to men.

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