Friday, 30 January 2015

Sunrise right on cue

My wife and I woke up at five o'clock this morning. We had a morning appointment with a friend to climb up the Bukit Mertajam hill at Cherok Tokun. Reason was to catch the first rays of sunrise.

So we arrived at the foothills at 6.05a.m. and immediately, we set off for that little observation post about three quarters of the way up the hill which overlooks the Mengkuang Dam. Tiring walk in the dark; took us slightly over an hour to reach there. But what a reward once we got there. Magnificent view. To our right, we could already see streaks of orange to deep red light through the breaks in the cloud cover.

At first we thought our climb up the hill would be disappointing because of the thick cover of clouds but suddenly, a golden pinpoint of light broke through the clouds. A wonderful sight. Mesmerised, the three of us started clicking furiously with our cameras to capture the rare moment of the sun bursting through. But all too soon, it hid behind more cloud cover. The magical moment had come and gone. But we caught it, all right.

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