Saturday, 21 February 2015

Chinese New Year with friends

Small gathering yesterday at the Northam Beach Cafe in Northam Road, George Town, which was the second day of Chinese New Year. Glad to have seen them. Kim Bok was not in the pictures as he arrived after this "professional" photo-shoot was over.

There's this reddish tinge in the picture because a string of red lights was overhead. Anyhow, from left to right were Teik Wah, Oon Hup, Phang Peng Yoke, Huan Chiang, Chye Chye, Soon Chye, Andrew and myself. Phang was our Geography teacher. Last met him about five years ago, or maybe even longer!

The night wore on and this picture was snapped at about 11.15p.m. Even then, we had Kim Bok arriving much later just about when I was about to leave this gang of old school friends. From left to right: Soon Chye, Jessie, Hock Leong, Michael, myself, Kah Kheng, Chye Chye, Huan Chiang, Andrew, Teik Wah, Seng Oo and Oon Hup.

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