Sunday, 22 February 2015

Old teachers

I gate-crashed a reunion last night. I got to hear about the gathering of the Penang Free School batch of 1971/73 and decided to go see some of my old friends. Was pleasantly surprised to see that they had filled 11 or 12 tables, which meant that there were at least 100 of their year at the function!

Technically, I'm one of them but because I got into an express class in Standard Two whilst at the Westlands Primary School, I jumped to Standard Four in the following year and thus ended up as their senior in the PFS.

Nevertheless, I know several people whom I've known for quite a long while: people like Ooi Eng Hong, Lim Eng Chong, Lim Eng Swee, Tan Leong Wah, Ong Charn Hong, Khoo Boo Teik, Cheah Cheng Hye, Neoh Chin Boon, et cetera....

But what I didn't expect was to meet so many of our old teachers too. I half-expected to see Tan Boon Lin but he couldn't turn up. Instead, there was my other headmaster, Poon Poh Kong, as well as Ooi Keat Leong, Phang Pheng Yoke, Tan Sean Huat, Khor Gark Khim and Poh Guat Cheng who had all taught me. Present also were Padmanathan, Hwang Hong Shi, Ang Chin Bean, Leong Yee Fong and Yeoh Oon Huat who didn't get to teach me.

After saying hello to the people I knew, I left soon after this picture was taken. It's their party, after all; no point intruding too much, no point wearing out my welcome.

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