Tuesday, 24 February 2015


I had tried to be as unobtrusive as possible. After all, it was the gathering of the Penang Free School batch of 1971/73 and I had only gone to their dinner function to meet some of my old friends there. I left after saying hello to them and to some of the former teachers present. But somehow, I still managed to be captured in one or two of their photographs. This one, for example, I wasn't even posing for the group shot. I wasn't even aware that the picture was being taken. I was, in fact, talking to someone off the camera. Yet, I found myself unintentionally photo-bombing. BTW, that's Michael Devaraj in the picture.

Oh yes, also this one. A little bit of me in the background. Like everyone else, I was startled to see a very frail Leong Yee Fong being helped to the teachers' table. According to one of my friends, one of the best history teachers ever!

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