Wednesday, 11 March 2015

2015 durian season starting

I caught up with my good friend, Durian Seng, earlier this week and I asked him about this year's durian season. Will the harvest be bountiful? He broke into a big smile which said everything!

He's obviously happy. According to him, the hot fine weather has given rise to his trees flowering profusely. Right now, the fruits are starting to form. Some are already about two to four centimetres long, he told me, and the ripe fruits should be ready to be enjoyed by mid-May at the earliest. Different species of durian flower at slightly different times and with the rainy season starting soon, if any tree had not flowered before then, it would be barren come the durian season.

Anyway, with the present trees flowering, he knows that his season is set from end of May till the end of July. I promised him that I would release the dates for the availability of the various types of durian from his estate in Sungai Pinang, so here it is. Just keep a thought that the dates are all very tentative. But he is so experienced with the King of Fruit, which has been cultivated since the days of his father, that his dates can't be far wrong.
D604 (早花黄肉) 25 May - 5 July 2015. Yellow, creamy and dry, sticky.
Lipan (蜈蚣) 25 May - 5 July 2015. Beige, aromatic and creamy, sticky.
Kunpoh Angbak (坤宝红肉) 25 May - 15 July 2015. Old tree, reddish hue, sticky.
Little Red (小红) 25 May - 15 July 2015. Reddish; sweet and smooth.
D600 1 June - 5 July 2015. Golden yellow, bitter.
Horlor (葫芦) 1 June - 20 July 2015. Golden yellow, aromatic, sticky.
D11 (十一号) 5 June - 5 July 2015. Beige, sweet, sticky.
Kunyit (黄姜) 5 June - 15 July 2015. Yellow, bitter sweet, sticky.
Kapri (甲必利) 10 June - 15 July 2015. Old tree, aromatic and bitter.
Green Skin (青皮) 10 June - 20 July 2015. Old tree, beige, sticky.
Lin Fong Jiao (林凤嬌) 10 June - 20 July 2015. Old tree, yellow, bitter sweet, sticky.
Bak Eu (白肉油) 10 June - 26 July 2015. White, bitter weet, aromatic, sticky.
Red Prawn (红虾)10 June- 31 July 2015. Pinkish, bitter sweet, aromatic, sticky.
D15 10 June - 31 July 2015. Golden yellow, bitter sweet, aromatic, sticky.
D99 15 June - 31 July 2015. Golden yellow, bitter sweet, aromatic, sticky, thick flesh.
Ganja (长帝) 18 June - 31 July 2015. Yellow, bitter sweet, sticky. 


Vincent Chong said...

We will be in Penang From July 15- July 17. What do you recommend for us to try the best durian during that period?

SS Quah said...

Vincent Chong, you should make an appointment to visit Bao Sheng, and then ask Durian Seng to make the recommendation. He is the expert, not me. :-)