Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Japan, Day 3: Disneysea

It was actually a toss-up between Disneyland and Disneysea, and the latter won. So on the third day of our holidays in Japan, we spent our time at Disneysea from morning till night....and came away feeling not very impressed with it. Okay, sure, we managed to catch several of their attractions, including two of their roller-coaster rides but somehow, we felt that there was something missing that until today, we can't quite describe in words. Perhaps the theme park is too much of a family-orientated entertainment. Too sanitised. (And I can almost hear the riposte in response, "What can you expect from a wholesome theme park like Disneysea - or Disneyland for that matter? Well, all I can say is that by comparison, Disneyland Hong Kong was much, much better!)

 I never got to find out why all these people were sitting on the ground. What on earth were they waiting for??

This was basically our main mode of transportation within Disneysea. All in, we could have sat in this electric tram, going in either direction, five or six times. Better this than walking, actually!

It's advised to get the FASTPASS priority tickets for certain attractions in order to ensure there are places allotted to you, or otherwise you may have to join a long queue and wait your turn. But generally, I found that once the time passed seven o'clock in the evening, the queues would have disappeared and it was easier to take the rides.

The obligatory Disneysea fireworks, celebrating Halloween

This motif on a ceiling interested me more than the various attractions around me!

Judging from the merchandise bags, these are indeed happy faces next to me!

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