Monday, 19 March 2018

We remain hopeful

When I learnt that my friend, Siang Jin, would be going down to Singapore this month to make a fund-raising presentation to friends and acquaintances who so happen to sit in the management committee of the Old Frees' Association Singapore, I had vowed to go too to assist in the pitching.

That they were also in the OFAS management committee was so much the better, in my opinion, because this meeting presented an excellent opportunity to let the Old Frees there learn of our activities vis-a-vis the Alma Mater in Penang. After all, the fund-raising would be for a worthwhile intention: the on-going leadership workshop that we were holding for the Penang Free School student leaders,

Therefore, on the 15th of March, I flew south and met up with Siang Jin and the OFAS management committee at the latter's monthly committee meeting. Siang Jin made most of the talking while I added some words of support to fill in certain blanks.

Do you think we succeeded? Yet to be seen. Pitching is always a work-in-progress and there's more work to be put in. But I remain hopeful. I'm sure some of our Singaporean friends will respond favourably. After all, it's for the school.

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